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7 thoughts on “Contact An Expert

  1. Your 10mm pea gravel in bags is what we need to revamp a gravel garden, however are we able to source it in bulk?

    Thank You

  2. Hello Jeffrey,

    We supply a website called where you can buy bulk bags nationally.

    Does this help?

    Many thanks.

  3. Having used Arthur Bowers coarse horticultural grit as a top dressing on my rockery, I need some extra supplies for replenishing it. To my dismay, I find it is no longer stocked in my local nursery and I cannot find it on line either.

    It seems that I will have to find an alternative coarse grit, of a similar colour and size. Having looked at the extensive range of colours available on your website. I am wondering if you can advise me which would be the best match to my existing finish.

    I know that you only accept trade orders, but perhaps I can find a source on line.

    I do hope you will be able to help me.

    Many thanks


  4. Just wanted to flag up the speedy and most helpful response from Sami. I was so impressed with such superb service.


    Sue Mckay

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    After closer inspection, it appears your site is lacking in 4 key criteria.

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    Nora Willson

  7. Hi there

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