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Deco-Pak do not sell direct to the public, however we will endeavour to assist you in the best way possible.


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  1. Hi,
    Is your heatwave traditional house coal suitable for use in a smokeless zone?.
    Thank You

    Patricia weston

  2. Hi Patricia,
    No, they wouldn’t be suitable however, we also supply Smokeless Briquettes that would be.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Have just purchased a Cathedral Circle Paving 2.58m, also advised to lay tiles on sharp sand. Q Have purchased 10 bags of sand but I need to know how deep I should lay out the sand.

  4. Morning where can i buy Coalite Ovals in the Manchester Area .The last bags I bought were from JTF in Lincoln but there store in Warrington does not have any.Brilliant fuel. Thank you.

  5. Hi,

    I hope you are the right person to discuss about the updated database of Garden Retail.

    We have the complete contact details of following Sectors:

    Garden Care, Landscaping & Garden Decorations, Food & Catering, Retail Experience & Services, Outdoor Entertaining, Pet Products, Home, Gift & Clothing and Plants and many more.

    Kindly let me know your target criteria so that i can provide you more details:

    Target Industry :
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    Target Job Title :

    Look forward to your response.

    Megan Newman

  6. Hi.
    I am Andy Horn, Assistant Manager at Carr Gate Garden Centre, part of British Garden Centres.
    I have a customer interested in a bulk bag of Alpine Grit. I was wondering who my contact is and how I go about ordering and having it delivered to my customer.

    Please send info to

    Thanks. Kind Regards, Andy H

  7. I have purchased 1 bag short to my requirements of dp Cornish Cream. However your website lists the bags BUT the bag design and colour looks very different.
    Can you advise of a local stockists in the Poole,Dorset area where I can view the colour more closely.
    Regards , Ian Jeffery

  8. Good Morning,
    The gravel grid that I have used to reinforce our drive gravel recommends 20mm angular gravel, would Golden Flint be a suitable size.

  9. Hi. I live in Hipperholme and needing some Top Soil – I see you don’t deal direct with the Public (shame as I am local to Hipperholme) but can you supply details of who I can order this from that deals with you so you can deliver this please.
    Many thanks

  10. Why Is there no weight indication on your products, yet there is a warning as to the products being large. As I am not visually impaired, I can see that it is a large bag, yet I can not see a weight.
    As there is no weight indication I am unable to compare like for like.

  11. I ordered a bulk bag of builders sand via jtf website on 2nd May, still not been delivered and had no further contact since order confirmation but the money has been taken out of my bank. How long are orders taking?

  12. I ordered a bulk bag of pea gravel at end of April, still waiting for delivery. Phoned 3 weeks ago and was told due to be delivered 2 weeks ago, no contact since and no gravel.
    Jane Simons
    Holton Le Moor

  13. Hi

    Does your play sand contain silica?



  14. Just read that some play sand are carcinogenic as they contain silica quartz dust. Is this true and does this apply to your play sand?

  15. Hi iam after green slate rokery stones i can see them on the deco pac website but as you dont sell to the public how can i get hold of some.?

  16. Please can you tell me who are your stockists of the wooden bird houses? I would love a couple of the houses but no idea where to shop for them?

  17. I purchased some of your Chelsea garden range multi purpose compost its the worst compost I have used it is full of bits of plastic un composted twigs I even found glass and a spring from a pen in it, I have had to re pot most of my plants as they not growing in it 2 of them have died off. seeds will not germinate very well
    you need to do something about it quickly

  18. Hi, I have seen your aggregates for sale in many places, but none of them say how big a Maxpak is! I’ve looked at the photo and can’t see a weight printed on the pack.
    Please can you tell me the weight of white spar that is contained in a Maxpak. Obviously I don’t want to part with my money unless I know how much product I’m getting!

  19. I require 80 bags of your 20mm blue slate and cant source them from my usual retail supplier. Can you help please ?

  20. Hi, I’ve bought some dove white gravel from a local garden centre but they don’t have any further stock. Would it be possible to point me in the right direction of where I can get some more please?

  21. We waiting for delivery of an Atlantic Tower water feature but would like to prepare the surrounding patio. Please could you let us know the size of the hole required for the underground water kit as I am unable to find this out anywhere.

    Many thanks

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