Home Delivery

Home Delivery

We realise that many of our products, when ordered in bulk quantities, are heavy and sometimes difficult to get to the consumer. In an effort to utilise retail space, We offer a convenient Home Delivery Service Direct To Your Customers.

For us, direct deliveries are all about the very best in customer service at every stage of the delivery process.

• Wide product offering, using minimal retail space

Convenient delivery times, including Saturdays

Simple order process

Easy payment method for customers

Dedicated customer care contact for each delivery





2 thoughts on “Home Delivery

  1. I wish to order a bulk bag of 10mm golden gravel to be delivered to my home in DY6. Could you please email the price to me? Many thanks, Lyndon Mason.

  2. Hello Lyndon,

    If you want to order a bulk bag of golden gravel, you can order through a company that we supply. You will need to put your full post code in to get a price. I have put the link below.


    Hope this helps.

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