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Deco-Pak: Ahead of the curb

Talking exclusively to Gardenforum, decorative aggregate and paving specialist Deco-Pak reveal the effort – and risk – of developing new products that are streets ahead of the rest of the market. We also explore the level of effort and risk that goes into launching successful new products in the landscaping sector, and how garden centres can exploit the advantage they have over online.

Craig Hall, Marketing Manager for Deco-Pak said: “The pressure to launch a truly innovative product is a risk that only the most forward looking companies can take with confidence. It must not only solve a myriad of consumers’ problems, but also provide a lucrative enough margin and unique point of difference for retailers to even consider it.”

Deco-Pak’s latest product, the Glee award winning wood effect porcelain paving ticks every box imaginable. It’s anti-slip, non-fading, algae-resistant, frost proof, and stands up to a tonne of weight. The price, at £60 RRP a square metre, provides a cutting-edge product that retailers can make premium margins on. Also, the merchandiser strives for originality, with a vertical and horizontal display that somehow fits into a 2m x 130cm long space but with enough room to allow shoppers to visualise the product and get touchy-feely with the rough-sawn timber effect anti-slip coating.

It’s even been featured in Grand Designs – as a must-have for those looking for paving solutions that are a state-of-the-art, longer lasting, maintenance free alternative to decking.

Deco-Pak’s versatile porcelain paving range is unlike anything seen before in the market!

Craig added: “Every time we put the product in front of anyone – they’re blown away by the look, feel and quality of the product. The challenge is of course how to convey that online. But products like this actually present a unique opportunity for retailers to capitalise on their point of difference. With customers seeking out items that are simply too heavy to buy online, this is a great chance to show that the latest cutting edge products aren’t just on the web – they’re in the garden centre.”

Find out more
Visit, connect via twitter @deco_pak, or call the customer service team to find your nearest stockist on 01422 204394.

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Deco-Pak’s Play Pit Sand offers full educational play experience



Deco-Pak Play Pit Sand Handy pack – approx. 10kg – RRP £2.99

Brand new medium size, comes with easy to carry handle. An ideal starter pack for small spaces.

Deco-Pak Play Pit Sand Large – approx. 15kg – RRP £3.99

Large but manageable size, perfect for tipping manually. The cleanest, safest way to start your own sand pit in the garden.

Deco-Pak’s Play Pit Sand features helpful additional on-pack content – and now a new website – designed to help create the complete educational play experience.

With eye-catching, colourful packaging and illustrations, the new Play Pit Sand is the full package – featuring how to information, examples of learning and sensory activities as well as a link to the new website – – which goes into more detail.

The website, launched this month, is an evolution in Deco-Pak’s packaging, and signals a commitment to providing a consumer facing brand to assist retailers and their customers.

Deco-Pak’s Play Pit Sand is safe, non-toxic and fully tested for BSEN1177 impact absorption and BSEN71-3 chemical toxicity. Popular with schools in the North East, the sand is also being sought after by other regional school purchasing boards across the UK. The company is raising awareness and funds for Greenfingers charity through sales of the product, the popular garden industry charity that helps childrens hospices to create and enhance outdoor spaces for their patients and families.

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Deco-Pak manager raises over a £1,000 for local hospice

The staff of Hipperholme based decorative aggregates and bird box suppliers, Deco-Pak, joined over 1,700 runners in a 5k colour run to raise money for Overgate Hospice in Elland.


Deco-Pak and an amazing 1,700 people made their way around the 5km route whilst being doused in several colours of powdered paint.

For Deco-Pak’s Finance Manager, Rachel Smith, the fundraiser had a particularly emotional significance. “My mother spent time at Overgate Hospice before she passed away, so I was thinking of her at every step of the way. The level of care she received at Overgate was just incredible and I am really happy that we can further support their work with our team donation.”


If you would like to see the current total raised and donate to the cause, please visit


Overgate Hospice, the only adult Hospice in Calderdale, provide the highest standard of specialist palliative and end of life care for adults who have active, progressive and life-limiting conditions; and furthermore provide support for their friends and family.


To find out more about Overgate hospice, visit

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The easy path to an instantly refreshed garden

Creating a pathway in your garden might seem like a complicated job that requires a lot of backbreaking work, and expert knowledge. Thankfully, it’s easier than you’d think, and according to Deco-Pak – a Yorkshire based family company that supplies everything you would need to lay paths, driveways, patios and more – there are a ton of benefits when choosing to use gravel over other surfaces.

Avantages to using gravel on your garden paths

  • Low maintenance – pressure washing and sweeping not necessary, fewer weeds
  • Low cost (value for money)
  • Instant impact – a tried and tested way of refreshing any outdoor space
  • Added security – the crunchy sound under foot is well known to deter intruders
  • Frost proof – ice won’t go between cracks and break up as it might with paving and setts
  • Effective drainage – particularly on a very slight slope and with ground control fabric


Craig Hall from Deco-Pak says: “You could spend several days and hundreds of pounds, putting in a path made of concrete, paving or tarmac. A gravel path is not only more attractive but it also won’t break your back or budget. Traditionally, decorative aggregate is a path (and driveway) material that takes little skill to install. An afternoon to get it down and you’ll soon have a natural-looking, weed-free way to walk through your perfect landscape.”

Easy how to: Create a luxurious rustic path

Step 1: Choose a relatively flat, low traffic site for your walkway and dig out a path to a depth of 2-4 inches.

Step 2: Place large stones, single file, along both edges. Deco-Pak’s range of boulders and rockery stones, available from garden centres, are ideal for this purpose.

Step 3: You’ll need a permeable landscaping fabric to separate your gravel from the soil beneath – and to suppress weeds. Deco-Pak’s professional grade, heavy duty, Ground Control Fabric (RRP £7.99 for a 10 x 1m roll) is ideal – just ensure there is at least a few inches overlap each side of your path. Tuck the fabric under the stones and you’re ready for the final step!

Step 4: Choose a decorative gravel to lay over the path. Some prefer a round pebble style covering as it is less likely to get compacted, others a more angular and crunchy surface. If you aren’t sure how much gravel to buy – there’s a handy gravel calculator on Deco-Pak’s website:

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Deco-Pak spreads its wings across extra Glee floorspace

Leading decorative aggregates supplier Deco-Pak will continue to enhance the profit potential of both its aggregates and wild birdcare ranges this summer as it announces plans to split its core ranges and greatly extend its exhibition footprint at Glee 2016.


The secondary exhibition space, located adjacent to, but completely separate from, Deco-Pak’s main stand, will offer visitors the chance to see the company’s ever popular Heritage Birdhouse and Wildlife Collection in full, including its specially designed merchandisers and brand new point of sale. By differentiating at Glee, splitting its core Hard Landscaping range from its wild birdcare & Wildlife offering, the family run company is working harder than ever to facilitate easier profit making opportunities for garden centre, department store and gift buyers visiting the show.


Deco Pak’s General Manger, Rod Slater said: “The additional exhibition space is an extra expense for us – but one we are confident will allow us to provide visitors with the best possible experience. The introduction of our birdhouse range in 2013 was a risky move away from our core aggregate business but it has more than proved to have been a savvy decision. We now have a product offering that stretches across a range of retailers – from garden centres and builders merchants, to department stores, supermarkets and gift stores – helping us to further build our profits and long-term future.


“Trade shows like Glee are all about showcasing products as they might be sold. For retailers it will be much better for them to view the ranges separately, as they would in-store, making buying decisions that much easier. Our goal this year is to make sure our retail partners choose the right ranges to suit their business, pick up inspiration from our examples of retail theatre and generally get more out of the show than ever before.”


Find out more

Visit, connect via twitter @deco_pak, or call the sales support team on 01422 204394.

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Champagne flows as Deco-Pak announces highest turnover to date


Champagne flows as Deco-Pak announces highest turnover to date

Expanding decorative aggregate and garden accessory specialist Deco-Pak is experiencing its most successful ever spring sales period, with turnover during April being the highest in its 10 year history, 14% up year on year.

Due to a busy trading period during the Easter Bank Holiday, and with April being the sunniest on record with 212 hours of sunlight measured by the Met Office, conditions for the Yorkshire based family company and sales of their aggregates, decorative birdhouses and new growing media range have been unprecedented.

Deco-Pak’s General Manager Rod Slater said the weather was only one part of the reason for their success: “Products such as our new Chelsea Garden range of growing media are now filling the gap left by other suppliers leaving the market.  I think another factor to consider would be our investment in marketing, logistics and the much greater presence we’ve had at trade shows during the past year.  New and existing customers now know we can supply products like professional horticultural sands and aggregates as well as our usual range of decorative aggregates.”

Other new products such as the sparkles-when-wet Champagne Gold and Strawberry & Cream decorative aggregate mixes have also been instant hits for Deco-Pak, with aggregates sales alone 16% up for April.

Rod Slater added: “Promoting these new products through valuable press coverage has helped us sell over 80,000 packs of the new aggregate mixes in a 3 month period, 39% of which came from repeat orders.   It is always encouraging to see successful stock turnover, especially with a new product – as it means demand is coming from consumers as well as retailers.”

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Deco-Pak steps up support for Forget-Me-Not

Deco-Pak steps up support for Forget-Me-Not

Deco-Pak, suppliers of decorative aggregates for landscaping, building and general horticultural use, have found time from its busy expansion schedule to donate time and resources to assisting Greenfingers with further improvements and maintenance to the Forget-Me-Not hospice garden in Huddersfield…. read more here