Horticultural Coarse Grit


Horticultural Coarse Grit

Perfect for Potting, smaller horticultural jobs and Indoor Gardens

Discover the essential touch for your potting and indoor gardening projects with Deco-Pak’s Chelsea Horticultural Coarse Grit. Specially formulated for small-scale gardening endeavours, this product is the gardener’s choice for enhancing the beauty and vitality of houseplants and potted arrangements.


Why Opt for Chelsea Horticultural Coarse Grit?

  • Enhanced Pot Aesthetics: Transform your indoor and potted plants with the natural elegance of grey and pink tones.
  • Soil Structure Improvement: Ideal for refining the texture of potting mixes, ensuring healthier plant roots.
  • Optimal Water Management: Prevents waterlogging while maintaining necessary moisture levels for thriving indoor plants.
  • Natural Pest Deterrent: Keeps slugs and snails at bay, safeguarding your delicate indoor greens without chemicals.
  • Weed Suppression: Minimises weed growth in pots, reducing maintenance for a cleaner look.
  • Rustic Charm: Adds a coarse, natural finish to alpines, house plants or indoor garden, merging horti functionality with style.


Sustainably Packaged for Convenience

Chelsea Horticultural Coarse Grit comes in eco-friendly, easy-to-handle pouches, making it simple for garden enthusiasts to use in garden and home projects. These sustainable pouches align with our commitment to the environment and your convenience.


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