Shell Chippings

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Crushed Shell Mulch

These clever little shells are so multi-functional, it’s very hard to believe they are a product of food waste that otherwise would go into land-fill!

Crushed and washed whelk, oyster or scallop shells are really good for mixing into the soil or compost to improve drainage. They also look shell-tastic as pot-dressing and actually provide a good barrier to prevent pesky little garden pests. Alternately they can be scattered around the base of plants for a highly effective slug repellent.

Remember to pour slowly when watering the plants so the soil stays snug under them.

Great for cacti, succulents and most houseplants.


  • Washed and dried crushed shells
  • This is a natural product from the sea
  • Ideal for garden borders, beds, rockeries and well as outdoor/indoor plant pot topper
  • Repurposed waste product from Whelk consumption – 100% sustainable
  • Recommended coverage as slug repellent: 20-30mm layer around the base of plants