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Aggregates Tips

Do you require help with any of our Decorative Aggregates? If so our Experts are here to help, let us know below what product you need help with and we will reply with hints, tips and helpful advice.

7 thoughts on “Aggregates Tips

  1. Hi

    Golden Flint vs Golden Gravel, what’s the difference between the two products (I keep seeing reference to ‘Golden Gravel Flint’ on other sites) and are either of them available in the 20mm size?


  2. Golden flint is a 20mm and the golden gravel is 10mm, hope this helps?

  3. Hi, what size gradient is the Horticultural potting grit please? Is it 2mm – 6mm or more? I cannot see it mentioned on the photo of the bag.

  4. Does mixed ballast have cement already in it if it has its not going hard

  5. Hello Tavy,

    The Horticultural Potting Grit is 6mm.
    Hope that helps.

  6. Hi Richard,

    No, Mixed Ballast doesn’t have cement in it.

    You would be best getting Concrete Mix or Post Mix depending on the application.

    Hope this helps?

  7. The sand and cement easy build bricklaying mortar mix does not indicate the mix ratio(eg, 6 of sand to 1 of cement as an example) to be used if a person only wants to mix small quantities?
    Yes i understand most people would just use the whole of the sand in the bag and mix it entirely with the cement thats supplied in a separate bag within the main bag, but as i want to use smaller quantities in laying my blocks on the project im working on i was hoping someone from your experts could advise me.

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