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5 thoughts on “Contact An Expert

  1. I am having difficulty finding some bags of your English Rose stones which we need to match some we have already used. Our usual stockist has not had any for some time. Can you tell us of any stockists in the East Kent area please

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  4. Concerning your horticultural silver sand, please will you tell me the weight (or weights if you supply more than one [weight] to your stockists) of the “handy pack(s)”.
    The same question to one of your stockists has, as yet, to be answered.

    Thank you.

  5. Dear Deco-Pak Team,

    Greetings! This is Dolores from Shanghai BGY Sourcing, a Supply Chain / Category Sourcing consulting company. We are a professional sourcing team and have expanded our business widespread in China. We are impressed by your uniquely designed gardening products and seeking for a corporate opportunity. Among our company’s majoring industries, gardenware and decoration is one of our majoring expertise. I hope our structural sourcing procedures could benifit you on the supply chain end.

    Please see below for services we offer:

    • Source products or vendors(factories)
    • Supply Chain management
    • Factory Audit
    • Quality Control
    • Shipping Control
    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or needs 🙂
    Looking forward to serving you!


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