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Gardening for the Environment: Tips and Plants to Make a Difference

Globe with environmental gardening symbols surrounding it in a lush green garden

Gardening is not only a rewarding hobby, but it can also have a positive impact on the environment. With climate change and other environmental issues on the rise, there’s never been a better time to start gardening with the planet in mind. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the best plants for the environment and provide gardening tips that will aid in making a difference. 

Best Plants for the Environment- Native Plants:

Native plants

Native plants are those that occur naturally in a specific region or ecosystem. They are adapted to the local climate, soil, and pests, making them more resilient and requiring less water, fertilizer, and pesticides. They also provide habitat and food for local wildlife. Examples of native plants include coneflower. (echinacea), Yarrow (achillea), Lily of the valley (convallaria)

Lily of the Valley, on a luscious green background


Perennials are plants that live for more than two years. They come back year after year, reducing the need for replanting and the use of resources. They also have deeper roots, which can help prevent erosion and improve soil quality. Examples of perennials include hostas, daylilies, and delphiniums.

Orange and yellow Day lillies with droplets are great for the environment

Edible Plants

Planting fruits, vegetables, and herbs in your garden not only provides you with fresh produce, but it also reduces the need for transportation, packaging, and refrigeration. It also helps to support local agriculture and reduce the carbon footprint of your diet. Examples of edible plants include tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, and herbs like basil and rosemary.

Growing tomato in greenhouse this type of gardening helps the environment

Gardening Tips to Aid the Environment


Composting is the process of recycling organic materials into nutrient-rich soil. By composting food scraps, yard waste, and other organic matter, you can reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and create a natural fertilizer for your garden.

Ecology compost supply - kitchen waste recycling in backyard composter. The man throws leftover vegetables from the cutting board. Environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Water Conservation

Water is a precious resource, so it’s important to conserve it in the garden. Use a rain barrel to collect rainwater for watering plants, choose drought-tolerant plants, and water in the early morning or late evening to reduce evaporation.

Environment day concept. Drop water on hand for growing tree. Protect the environment. Renewable energy for future. Global warming concept.

Attract Beneficial Insects

Insects like bees, butterflies, and ladybugs are important pollinators and can help control garden pests naturally. Plant flowers like sunflowers and lavender to attract bees and butterflies and avoid using pesticides that can harm beneficial insects. An Insect Hotel can offer pollination benefits.

Insect Hotels - The Tower

Plant Trees

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the air, provide shade and habitat for wildlife, and reduce erosion. Planting trees in your garden or in your community can have a significant positive impact on the environment.

Two pairs of hands are planting a tree and helping the environment by gardening


In conclusion, gardening is a wonderful way to connect with nature while also making a positive impact on the environment. By choosing the right plants and implementing eco-friendly gardening practices, you can create a beautiful garden that supports local wildlife, conserves resources, and reduces your carbon footprint.

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Year Round Profitability With Deco-Pak

year round winter fuels . Hardwood, softwood, kindling, firelighters, coal and wood logs on a winter scene background

Keeping Home fires burning this winter

With the UK in the grips of a cost-of-living crisis, and energy prices continuing to rise, Deco-Pak has invested heavily into its winter fuels offering as this category is set to become more essential than ever. Providing a complete one-stop-shop, garden retailers need to look no further to find the perfect supply partner for their winter fuel needs.

 Offering excellent value for money, Deco-Pak’s winter fuels range includes smokeless coal in 10 and 20kg bags, as well as netted traditional and hardwood logs, with kindling, Quickfire logs, firelighters and wood logs completing the offering. This will help you turn a profit all year round. 

 Adding additional value this winter, Deco-Pak also offers Rock Salt to help consumers traverse icy winter days. Sledges and snow shovels are also available, all of which are available for quick delivery for when the harsh Great British winter hits.  

Check out the full range:

Making more sustainable choices

Deco-Pak’s EcoStone range raises the bar when it comes to sustainability, transforming waste materials once destined for landfill into decorative aggregates that meet the latest design trends.

 The range includes Glasglo, translucent pot topper stones and cobbles made from recycled televisions; EcoStone Rubber Chippings, which give new life to former tyres which are recycled into chippings for weed suppressant mulch; and EcoStone Seashells, sourced from a whelk processing factory to create pots and terrariums dressing and natural slug control solutions.

 Supporting EcoStone’s green credentials, Deco-Pak has also increased the recycled content of its packaging (currently upto 50% +) whilst ensuring the packaging remains recyclable at the end of use. 

Merchandising designed to sell all year round

It’s not just packaging that has had a Deco-Pak environmental makeover. The company’s POS has also been updated to include increased recycled and recyclable material, with more changes set to be introduced in the coming months as the company strengthens its GIMA Plastic Packaging Pledge, which sets out guidelines to reduce a reliance on plastics across the board.

 With timeless and creative point of sale, stocking Deco-Pak provides consumers with a cohesive message season after season, whilst create aspirational displays that work on visual triggers to drive up the average basket spend by building consumer confidence. 

Find out more

To find out more about Deco-Pak’s leading product portfolio please call 01422 204 394.

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Deco-Pak’s new EcoStone and Zen Garden ranges generate high levels of interest as sustainability dominates Glee

Glee logo

With sustainability and environmental responsibility topping the retail agenda at Glee, family-run garden landscaping and decorative aggregates specialist, Deco-Pak, reported excellent levels of interest in its new ranges of eco-friendly garden decoration products.

Deco-Pak’s new EcoStone collection took pride of place on the company’s unique “Retail Theatre” merchandising concept displays, which showcased the latest trend-driven ranges and demonstrated how cross-merchandising ideas offer the potential to drive sales in the new season.

Retail buyers were offered an insight into how innovative EcoStone products can ignite sales at the point of purchase by appealing to environmentally conscious consumers. EcoStone sets a new benchmark for transforming items – from recycled tyres to redundant televisions and waste shells – into the highest quality landscaping products that meet the latest urban design trends.

At the heart of the range are Glasglo translucent tumbled glass stones, pot topper stones and cobbles made from recycled television screens, while new EcoStone Sea Shells are sourced from a whelk processing factory, with the crushed shells ideally suited to plant pot and terrarium dressing. EcoPave Decorative Stepping Stones, made from 30% recycled materials and featuring bee designs, will see 5p from the sale of each stepping stone donated to a bee conservation charity.

Deco-Pak’s Marketing Director, Craig Hall, said: “We received an excellent level of enquiries at Glee with buyers expressing interest in our new EcoStone range, which demonstrates Deco-Pak’s commitment to transforming waste items into innovative, unique products that create real talking points in gardens. Visitors to Glee could clearly see the potential of EcoStone products, which are set to drive sales of sustainable decorative aggregates and add a new dimension to the category.”

Another launch that generated strong levels of interest at Glee was Deco-Pak’s new Zen Garden offering – a calming range of decorative gravel, pebbles and cobbles with strong appeal for consumers who are looking to create a sense of tranquillity at home. This unique range, not only looks great, but they also tie in with our marketing strategy dealing with well-being within the gardening. With interest in Japanese-style gardens set to be rise as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics gets underway, new lines such as Zen Gravel, Zen Pebbles and Cobbles will help consumers to create stylish Oriental garden features with ease.

Deco-Pak’s new range of contemporary Zen-inspired water features were a big talking point at Glee, too, with buyers inspired by the wow factor of these new plug-in-and-go water features, which add a piece of instant art to gardens and incorporate the latest LED lighting technology to create stunning garden illumination at night. The modern line-up of weatherproof poly-resin water features are supplied with a 10-metre cable, allowing easy positioning on patios or in garden settings.

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Helping your garden survive the heat wave

Helping your garden survive the heat wave

This summer has undoubtedly been a scorcher and all the gardeners out there in the UK might be getting a little worried about their gardens. So here are a few tips to help out the garden stay in tip-top shape in this heat wave.

Water the plants in early morning/late evening

In this hot weather, watering during the day can seriously hinder the amount of water that the plants actually get. A huge percentage will be get evaporated away by the glorious sunshine that we all love so much. Another reason to do it at these times is that water droplets can magnify the sunlight and cause scorching which is quite damaging.

Watering Flowers with Watering Can

Bark at the borders

Okay. So you need a dog for this one…Haha. No, but seriously, laying down some Woodland Bark or mulch on your borders will really help with moisture retention in the soil.

Lawns going brown

You may be noticing that due to lack of rain your precious lawns are going all brown and look like they are dying. Don’t be too worried as the grass is very drought tolerant and hardy so when the rains return (as they always do), your grass will also return to its natural and healthy state.

Don’t mow the lawn too much

This leads onto another point about the grass, try to resist mowing it as long grass is much more tolerant of the heat and will survive longer.

Planted Containers

Potted plants need constant and regular watering during drought conditions. As well as the plants taking up water, 25% of moisture is lost through surface evaporation. To combat this effect it is important to Mulch the top of your containers, this prevents moisture loss and also shades the roots. Perfect for this job is Pot Topping gravels, not only do they look good but also they are very effective in retaining moisture.

Another great tip, if you are planting up new containers place a layer (5cm) of Lytag in the bottom of the pot before filling with compost. Lytag is an inert clay aggregate that has great water retaining properties.

Save Water

Did you know that you can water the plants with bath or shower water? As long as you aren’t using it to water anything that you will eat without cooking (e.g. Lettuce) then you are good to go. Saving water in a heat wave like this is critical.

These have been some top tips from the horticulture team at Deco-Pak and we hope they have helped you manage a well-kept garden in this hot weather.

For more information, chat to us on Twitter or ring us on 01422 204 394.



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Going Alpine in the Garden

Rustic Slate Rockery - Alpine Garden

Going Alpine in the Garden

There is this myth that planting and growing alpine plants is very difficult but here at Deco-Pak, we would like to put a stop to this talk all together!

Especially in this heat wave that is going on, there are many benefits to starting an alpine garden:

  • Most alpine plants prefer good levels of sunshine
  • They are low maintenance and drought tolerant
  • Alpine gardens look authentic and can be enjoyed throughout the year
  • Can provide diversity to your garden with different types of rocks and gravel
  • Require fewer plants to make a garden look “full”
  • They look great in gardens of all sizes

Where to place your alpine plants

Choose a place where the plants can receive the most sun possible throughout the day and remember it is always better for the plants to spend a few hours in full sun than remain shaded all day. If you want to introduce some shade loving varieties, these can be planted in shady areas provided by the rocks in your display.

It is essential that alpine plants have great water drainage so choose a spot on a slope or artificially create one. Alternately you can use a raised bed.

It is recommended to draw out a plan of what you want your garden to look like before you actually start so you can bear in mind any factors that will interfere with the health of your plants.


When planting, remember to allow for a plants height and spread as giving them enough room to grow is crucial.

A basic planting mix would be:

  • One part Chelsea topsoil (sterilised)
  • One part Chelsea Horticultural Alpine Grit
  • One part Chelsea Multi-purpose compost or Ericaceous compost for lime-hating plants.

Remember to adjust these for individual plant requirements!

Top-dressing the plants with a layer of gravel will help reduce evaporation and deter slugs and snails, this is essential for both Rock gardens and potted displays such as sink gardens.


  • Placing decorative grit around plants reduces evaporation and also deters slugs and snails from feasting.
  • To avoid rotting, ensure that there is plenty of drainage and integrate Chelsea Garden Horticultural Grit into the soil.
  • Choosing a range of rock sizes will keep your alpine garden looking as authentic as possible. Starting with a keystone (larger rock) and then placing the smaller rocks around it will help keep the authenticity.

Want more tips and tricks? Contact us on Twitter or even ring us for a chat on 01422 204 394

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Deco-Pak to launch ‘never before seen’ paving products at Glee 2018

Glee logo

Deco-Pak to launch ‘never before seen’ paving products at Glee 2018

Seasoned Glee exhibitors, Deco-Pak, is aiming to launch the next big thing in decorative landscaping at this year’s Glee exhibition, by introducing two entirely unique paving options for 2019. The latest in a long line of innovations launched exclusively at Glee, each new range is aimed at providing a point of difference for its garden centre retail partners.

Sneak Peek - Glee

 Deco-Pak’s Marketing Director Craig Hall says: “Visitors to our stand will see new paving options that utilise cutting-edge materials and technology in a way that we believe is an industry first. For retailers, these new additions will definitely be something to get their customers excited, whilst also increasing demand for patio landscaping products. For consumers, the main draw for them will be a highly versatile product able to suit any kind of budget and size of garden. Providing decoration whilst also enhancing the functionality of paths and patios in a way you would not expect from a humble paving slab.”

Deco-Pak’s new products will remain under wraps until they are launched to the market exclusively at Glee 2018, with the Glee New Product Showcase a ‘must-do’ for the brand. Glee is the company’s main trade show in 2018 and will showcase its award-winning ranges on a stand that is 25% larger than the previous year.

Find out more

Deco-Pak’s profile can be viewed here:

Our stand is Hall 20 Y36-Z37 and Y40-Z41

The company’s current ranges of decorative paving, aggregates, growing media, water features and bird boxes can all be viewed on the company’s website, To speak directly with the sales team call 01422 204394.

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GIMA judges award category win to Deco-Pak for ‘whimsical and charming’ birdboxes

GIMA Awards Winner - Logo

GIMA judges award category win to Deco-Pak for ‘whimsical and charming’ bird boxes

GIMA supplier Deco-Pak jumped to the top of the pecking order in the Pet Care, Aquatics and Wild Bird Care category last night, with a win at the 2018 GIMA Awards gala dinner in South Wales. Deco-Pak’s Quintessentially British Collection of decorative birdhouses and birdfeeders impressed the judges who described it as “whimsical and charming – a fantastic take on the traditional birdhouse.”

The new additions to the well-established Garden Bazaar range include a realistic-looking miniature garden shed, a London Underground sign for nesting birds to hide behind, a wine rack feeder that promotes reusing bottles, and a scaled down No. 10 Downing Street for birds to peck on in protest. The award was hotly contested against a large number of entries this year, including finalists Smart Garden and Wildlife World.

Quintessentiallly British Range - GIMA Awards

Marketing Director Craig Hall said: “We’d already received a positive reception for our new Garden Bazaar decorative birdbox ranges from customers and the media, but to also win a GIMA Award – our first ever – is just fantastic. In a category crammed full of great products and innovations, the competition is always fierce and this year was certainly no different. On behalf of all of us at Deco-Pak I’d like to say a huge thank you to GIMA and the judges, this is a great deal for us and a key moment in the continued growth of our company.”

Designed by Deco-Pak, the new Quintessentially British range of bird boxes and feeders is priced at £16.99 – £29.99 RRP. Designed to appeal to buyers or collectors looking for quirky garden gifts, and fans of the original range of Garden Bazaar British birdhouses and feeders. Highly functional and made from FSC certified wood, the range was a finalist in the Spring Fair awards at the start of the year.

Check out our Quintessentially British Range!

We are always looking for feedback whether it is negative or positive so come chat to us on Twitter!

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Deco-Pak Play sand raises money for Greenfingers

Deco-Pak, Greenfingers - Raise Money

Deco-Pak Play sand raises money for Greenfingers

A cheque for £2,550 was presented to children’s hospice garden charity Greenfingers, as a donation from decorative aggregate specialist Deco-Pak at the GIMA Charity Golf and Activity Day (Thursday, 7th June). 

The money was part-raised over the last 18 months through a play pit sand promotion that is to continue throughout 2018, with the goal of raising over £10,000 by 2020.

Linda Petrons, Head of Corporate Partnerships at Greenfingers Charity, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Deco-Pak this year through the sale of play pit sand. The money raised through this range will help pave the way for more magical gardens for children’s hospices nationwide, enhancing the care to children and families living with terminal illnessWe’re incredibly grateful to have the support of Deco-Pak and look forward to working with them in the future.”

 Deco-Pak director, GIMA council member and Greenfingers ambassador Craig Hall presented the cheque to Linda and outlined the family company’s fundraising commitment for the next year.  “Greenfingers is such a fantastic cause which is needed by and resonates with, everyone in our industry.  At Deco-Pak, we plan to raise £10,000 for Greenfingers by 2020 through the sale of our charity play pit sand, fundraising and other activities. Through the sales of our charity products through consumers and our retail partners, we aim to leave a lasting impression for the charity, and help provide more gardens for children with life-limiting illnesses and their families.”

 Deco-Pak’s Greenfingers Play Pit Sand, large pack retailing at £3.99, is ideal for young children taking their first steps in creative outdoor play.  A smaller 10kg pack is also available with a retail-friendly easy carry handle, at £2.99 RRP.

 Find out more

Visit, connect via Twitter @deco_pak, or call the sales office on 01422 204394.

 Images:  Deco-Pak Director Craig Hall and national key accounts manager Rebecca Cox, present a giant cheque to Linda Petrons, Greenfingers Head of Fundraising & Communications


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Deco-Pak’s new Decorative Garden Products and how they coped with the bad weather?

Deco-Pak Logo

Deco-Pak’s new Decorative Garden Products and how we coped with the bad weather?

After the indisputably poor start to the spring season garden suppliers have been gladly fulfilling customer orders throughout an extremely busy May.  Deco-Pak, decorative garden products supplier rode the storm particularly well – but how did they turn an uncontrollable external factor such as the weather to their advantage, and what will be the bestsellers this summer?

Craig Hall, Director at Deco-Pak, suppliers of decorative aggregates, paving, water features, birdhouses and feeders, said: “Like most other garden products, sales of decorative garden products are reliant on the weather – despite the positive effect they have of brightening up the garden on dismal days.  At the beginning of the season we were faced with an uncomfortable prospect – having to put unwanted pressure on retailers to take stock, so we decided to do the complete opposite – and take the pressure off using our unique strengths.  Unlike some of our customers, we do have the capacity to hold stock.  We have a huge site in a good location and our transport network is super-fast so we were able to ensure retailers had stock for key selling periods, especially weekends and bank holidays. 

New Decorative Garden Products

“Product-wise, this year we have introduced four new decorative bird houses and feeders – all linked to the theme ‘quintessentially British’. They feature a garden shed, wine bottle feeder, London underground and 10 Downing Street, all enhanced with fine features that really set them apart from others on the market.  We also launched new Penny and Half Penny stepping stones to our decorative landscaping range which has become especially popular since its surprise launch on BBC breakfast at GLEE last year.”

Decorative Garden Products - Penny Stepping Stone, Half Penny Stepping Stone & Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

About Deco-Pak

Deco-Pak is a supplier of decorative aggregates, paving, growing media, birdhouses, insect hotels, water features and statuary, specialising in creating unique point of sale displays, contemporary heritage-style packaging and hands-on customer service. The family-run company distributes all over the UK from their base in West Yorkshire, serving independent garden centres and national retail chains alike.

Why not talk to us Twitter? Feedback is always appreciated! To see more of Deco-Pak’s range, click here.