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Year Round Profitability With Deco-Pak

year round winter fuels . Hardwood, softwood, kindling, firelighters, coal and wood logs on a winter scene background

Keeping Home fires burning this winter

With the UK in the grips of a cost-of-living crisis, and energy prices continuing to rise, Deco-Pak has invested heavily into its winter fuels offering as this category is set to become more essential than ever. Providing a complete one-stop-shop, garden retailers need to look no further to find the perfect supply partner for their winter fuel needs.

 Offering excellent value for money, Deco-Pak’s winter fuels range includes smokeless coal in 10 and 20kg bags, as well as netted traditional and hardwood logs, with kindling, Quickfire logs, firelighters and wood logs completing the offering. This will help you turn a profit all year round. 

 Adding additional value this winter, Deco-Pak also offers Rock Salt to help consumers traverse icy winter days. Sledges and snow shovels are also available, all of which are available for quick delivery for when the harsh Great British winter hits.  

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Making more sustainable choices

Deco-Pak’s EcoStone range raises the bar when it comes to sustainability, transforming waste materials once destined for landfill into decorative aggregates that meet the latest design trends.

 The range includes Glasglo, translucent pot topper stones and cobbles made from recycled televisions; EcoStone Rubber Chippings, which give new life to former tyres which are recycled into chippings for weed suppressant mulch; and EcoStone Seashells, sourced from a whelk processing factory to create pots and terrariums dressing and natural slug control solutions.

 Supporting EcoStone’s green credentials, Deco-Pak has also increased the recycled content of its packaging (currently upto 50% +) whilst ensuring the packaging remains recyclable at the end of use. 

Merchandising designed to sell all year round

It’s not just packaging that has had a Deco-Pak environmental makeover. The company’s POS has also been updated to include increased recycled and recyclable material, with more changes set to be introduced in the coming months as the company strengthens its GIMA Plastic Packaging Pledge, which sets out guidelines to reduce a reliance on plastics across the board.

 With timeless and creative point of sale, stocking Deco-Pak provides consumers with a cohesive message season after season, whilst create aspirational displays that work on visual triggers to drive up the average basket spend by building consumer confidence. 

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