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Deco Pak is keen to operate in a sustainable way by sourcing more efficiently and using recycled products in its range.

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Water Features & Statuary

We have a wide range or ornamental decking and garden features including Zen Water Features, Natural Water Features, Slate walls, Monoliths and Paddlestones.

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Pot Toppings

Ornamental Pot Toppings for your garden and house pots adding a stylish topping to your pots and planters.

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PlayPit and Play Sand

Play pit sand is a non-stain and non-toxic product. Safe and clean and most importantly fun!

Available in Large, Medium (Approx. 15kg) and Handy Pack (Approx. 10kg).

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Blue Slate

Blue slate is an ideal aggregate for all driveways, garden borders and paths. Offering you a bulk aggregate solution for your garden and landscaping requirements. Long lasting and low maintenance.

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Translucent tumbled glass stones, pot topper stones and cobbles made from recycled televisions.

Rubber Chippings

Giving new life to former tyres, recycled into chippings that provide safe play areas and act as a weed-suppressing mulch.

Sea Shells

Sourced from a whelk processing factory – transform pots and terrariums when used as a dressing, and provides natural slug control in borders too.


Rejected roof tiles discarded from production. These are crushed, tumbled and washed.

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As a garden landscaping specialist & decorative aggregates supplier, we produce, supply and deliver a wide range of garden, landscaping products and trade aggregates to garden retailers across the UK and Ireland. We’re dedicated to providing our retailers with the best products and services for all gardening and landscaping areas. All our products are carefully selected from around the world, ensuring that their quality is of the highest standard at all times. All of our products are carefully selected by our product development team. This ensures that all of Deco-Pak’s products are of the highest quality at the most competitive rate.

Above all else our deliveries are efficiently dispatched to the retailers needs. Feel free to browse our range of decorative aggregates, garden decoration and birdhouses/feeders on this site.

A massive range of Aggregates

Our dynamic and energetic team always strives to work to bring the best products for your project. We are constantly looking for new aggregate solutions for you.

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